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About Us

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My name is Tim Kiernan.  I have been a resident of Northern NJ, in the quiet little town of Pompton Plains, since 1994., and married to my wife Toni for 20 years and counting. I have 3 grown step children who I am extremely proud of,. My wife and kids are who made me the man I am today.  I  started my first business called North Jersey Awnings on a wing and a prayer.  By sheer determinatiion and a little luck, that little business took off pretty quickly. I sold the business 6 years later, and worked for the company I sold the business to for another 3 years.  In 2001, I decided I had had enough of the awning business and entered the home finance business.  Although I experienced success in that business, I had seen the industry go through seismic changes.  So, after 18 years, I decided to look for a career change and landed at one of the largest, and most successful window treatment companies in the world.  I learned everything there is to know about window treatment design and sales, all the while having a great time meeting new people every day and helping them finalize their window treatment projects.  After 6 years in the business, I decided it was time venture out on my own, once again, and build my own little window treatment empire.  I searched for the best possible partnerships for my business and landed on Craftbuilt industries for my outdoor-living projects and Norman Industries for the interior window treatments.  Although this is a new venture, I have the full support of my family, and my partners, along with decades of experience in design and installation of almost anything you can imagine,  and I am determined to bring my passion for this industry to you in an enjoyable, productive and collaborative manner.  Finally, I am also a skilled craftsman and designer of unique outdoor products focused around gardening and garden design.  For years I have provided clients with beautiful raised gardens, greenhouses, and unique window boxes and planters,.  Where Interior Design goes away, I fill the gaps. My clients are the kindest, most supportive people and it's impossible to show them the level of appreciation they deserve for the trust they place in me.  In return, I give them everything I can muster to bring their vision to life. So, I'm asking you do the same, and hopefully we can design something beautiful together.  Everything begins with a need, and from that need comes the inspiration to solve the issue.  I like to think I'm pretty darn good at that.  If you're so willing, you can click here to schedule a design consultation to see what we're capable of. 

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